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All Dutch and Belgian Stolpersteine are included in the Stolpersteine.app database (over 15,600 Stolpersteine in 340 towns). You can now include Dutch and Belgian Stolpersteine on your own website. The map is available in Dutch, French and English.


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‘Our Stolpersteine project is a living project, the memories are not lost’

Many people have heard of Stolpersteine, they have seen them, but have not realized what they are. Among the youth, the stones are often not known at all.
Worldwide there are more than 100,000 Stolpersteine, in the Belgium and the Netherlands more than 14.000.
We (Stichting 18 September in Eindhoven) have made an overview of all Dutch and Belgian Stolpersteine organizations and associated municipalities. The site was launched in early 2019 and the collection is still growing. We currently have more than two hundred municipalities together. We are in contact with many organizations for more information about the stones.
When you open the site, you can choose a city. You can then search by names, streets, locations and the stones themselves. We can attach a story to a location with a number of photos. A person photo can be seen per stone. If a photo is not available, we use a silhouette of a man, woman, boy or girl. The moment you choose a municipality, you will also see a street map of that municipality. You can then zoom in on the Stolpersteine from above. You can click on it and you can open it. ”
“We offer foundations and organizations the opportunity to participate in our app. They get their own login and can manage their own stones. They can add photos, stories and stones, but also define walking routes. So far we work with nearly 40 organizations, but there are an estimated 180 organizations in the broadest sense of the word. So we hope that more organizations want to join us.
“One of the goals of our foundation is to unlock the stories and the Stolpersteine of the youth, because young people are bent over that screen all day long. The mobile phone is sacred for the youth. “
A hundred percent investment is a utopia. Yet for us it remains a living project with a database that we cannot let go to waste. As far as I’m concerned, it only stops when we as a foundation can no longer do it.
The story above is a summary of the interview (in Dutch) that you can read on Jonet.nl:

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